If you have serious enduro skills and want to explore some magnificently gnarly trails, our hard enduro tours are for you. The mountains of Thailand are covered in a web of challenging single track. Much of it exists as walking trails for local people who go in to the forest on foot to collect mushrooms and other natural produce. But us? We ride it. 

During November to February we experience ideal riding conditions: cooler weather, sunny days, minimal rain. The jungle is green and the trails are in good condition. But for our hard enduro riders, we also encourage you to consider a rainy season tour (May to October). Yes, the trails can get slippery and extra challenging; but the weather is cool, the jungle lush, and hard enduro was never meant to be easy. 

Enduro Bikes for Hard Enduro Tours

We rent two stroke enduro bikes such as the GasGas EC300 and similar. See pricing here or contact us for a bespoke quote.

Trials Experience

We also ride trials bikes to hone our hard enduro skills. If you’d like to try riding trials in the jungles of Thailand, we can arrange that too.